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Conference and Meeting Event Production

SiSo Pro is now VIDEO is Vital, LLC

Looking for an event production manager? Transforming an event venue from empty air walls to beautiful lights, cameras, staging, exciting music, with all the connections in between – is a calling for us. We support event companies and planning teams with event production management; we know the process. Managing the production load in, set up, testing, rehearsals, and coaching talent is our passion. Working with a solid and knowledgeable audio visual team is our promise.

Event AV Support

We take pride in producing audio, video and lighting with professionalism and continuity.

Event Production Request Form

We can assist with audiovisual production management or av techs that support your team? Complete this short form – Let’s get started…

We Know The Event Process

We’re excited to see our list of event cities grow; Sacramento, Anaheim, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Aurora, Dallas, Chicago, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Montgomery, Boston, Newark, New York, Nashua, Roanoke, Richmond, Charleston, Raleigh, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Miami and even Spain!

We know companies rely on brand continuity, culture and a knowledgeable audio visual team that can execute.

Event Production Services

SiSo Pro is now VIDEO is Vital, LLC

Live Event Production Manager, Technical Director, Video Production Crew, Camera Operator, Video Editor, Graphics Operator, Streaming + Record Engineer, Video Technician, Pro AV, Audio Visual Design, Media Training, Event Coordinator, Pre-Production, Video and Event Production.

Who have we worked with?

SiSo Pro is now VIDEO is Vital, LLC

Video and event production services are provided for marketing companies, event companies, and pro av crewing.

02 Fitness Raleigh
Goldfish Swim School
Crossroads Fellowship
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Video Production

Full-Service Video Production Crew, Pre-Production, Creative, For Hire; Camera Operator, Video Editor, Production Manager, Video Strategy and Visual Content Mapping.

Support Services

Working on a project that needs white-label service? We’ve work with C-Suite Executives, Notable Brands, and in partnership with production companies for over 17 years; you can trust us with your clients.

Event Production

Full-Service Event Production Crew, Creative and Event Production Management. For Hire; Production Manager, Camera Operator, GFX Operator, Video Technician Crew Lead,