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SiSo Pro is now VIDEO is Vital, LLC

Full Service Video and Event Production. Contract Gig Hiring; Camera Operators, Video Editor, Graphics Operator, Production Management, Conference and Meetings, Streaming and Records.

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  • Live Event Video Production
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7800 Falls of Neuse Rd., Unit 99086 Raleigh, NC 27615

Video and Event Production
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We’re excited to see our list of event cities grow; Sacramento, Anaheim, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Aurora, Dallas, Chicago, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Montgomery, Boston, Newark, New York, Nashua, Roanoke, Richmond, Charleston, Raleigh, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Miami and even Spain!

We know companies rely on brand continuity, culture and a knowledgeable audio visual team that can execute.

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SiSo Pro is now VIDEO is Vital, LLC

Video and event production services are provided for marketing companies, event companies, and pro av crewing.

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